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Market Survey

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Customer retention is based on sound business intelligence. With market research into both customer satisfaction and competitor analysis, you gain the knowledge to help make the right decisions. The right personal contact uncovers the best-quality information.

Businesses and organizations use telephone surveys as a quantitative marketing research methodology for determining what people think and how they behave. Well-designed, high quality telephone surveys are an ideal tool for conducting awareness and image studies, customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty studies, branding and market segmentation studies, and political polls.

CALLMARK Solutions telemarketing services offer the most efficient way of carrying out this market research via telephone market survey. We can administer your own surveys or design solutions to capture, collate and feedback the data that will help you adapt to your market.

Our results will promote both customer retention and customer recruitment. Our agents’ expert survey work would take up many hours of your people’s time, with poorer outcomes. Market research conducted by experienced and well-trained telemarketing specialists brings cost-effective answers that your future business can rely on.

Telephone surveys are also used to assess the market feasibility of new product or service ideas, and to compare perceptions of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Telephone surveys answer questions such as:

  • What proportion of my competitors’ customers are interested in my product or service?
  • How large are different market segments within a geographic region?
  • What is the demographic profile of my customers vs. those of competitors?
  • If customers buy my new product, what income is likely to be generated in a year?

Accurate business intelligence will help you to:

  • Find out your strengths as seen by your customers – not the unique value propositions you think you have
  • Find out your competitors’ perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Plan and introduce improvements and changes
  • Maintain or enhance detailed databases

Telephone surveys are a quantitative marketing research methodology that involve calling and interviewing a representative sample of people within a geographic area or a targeted market served by a business or organization. Telephone surveys involve:

  • Find out your strengths as seen by your customers – not the unique value propositions you think you have
  • Identifying the marketing research objectives
  • Developing and pilot-testing a marketing research questionnaire
  • Developing an appropriate market research sampling strategy
  • Conducting the representative telephone interviews (data collection)
  • Analyzing and presenting the market research results

At CALLMARK Solutions, we can handle all aspects of telephone surveys, including helping you to clearly define the research objectives based on your company or organization’s information needs. We design state-of-the-art marketing research questionnaires and research sampling methods, and closely monitor data collection. Our analysis and presentations of survey data includes statistics, tables, and graphs to provide quality analysis and actionable results.