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Voice Broadcasting

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Voice broadcasting, applied with known best practice methods, offers a number of compelling advantages that are being embraced in the non-profit, education and political fields. Dollar for dollar, voice broadcasting is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to target any large audience with a time-sensitive message.

Simply stated, voice broadcasting is a way to send pre-recorded messages to hundreds or thousands of people at once. This technology, can auto-dial hundreds, or thousands, of phone numbers per minute and can deliver recorded messages to people answering the phone, or to voicemail.

Voice broadcasting is becoming the most popular and preferred way to reach out to masses with important informational messages because of several reasons:

  • Postage keeps going up, and telecommunications costs keep going down. You can get a voice message out to the masses at a small fraction of what it costs to mail a postcard.
  • Email is cheaper but voice broadcasting hits the target. Spam filters also divert legitimate emails as well. On the other hand, people will go out of their way to retrieve their voicemail messages.
  • Texting is popular but can be more expensive. We also provide text blast services, and while it can be very effective, it can actually cost more to send a short text message than a 30-second voice message. Not only that, but your text list needs to be permission based and people must opt-in to receive any message you send. It is time consuming and costly to build those opt-in lists.
  • Informational messages such as schedule changes, event reminders, cancellations, and most political campaign calls are perfectly legal. So, while you may need an opt-in list for texting, you don’t need one for voice broadcasting.


  • Organize your contacts into mail groups – Make calls or send messages to separated groups or to all of your contacts at once.
  • Manage your recordings – recordings are messages or greetings that you create that are played for your call recipients. You can add, modify or delete all your recordings at any time.
  • Provide you detailed call reports – After your calls have been made, you can get complete information on your call status. You’ll see which calls were picked up, which ones went to voicemail and if there were any disconnected or invalid numbers.