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At CALLMARK Solutions, we provide B2B Telemarketing Sales Lead Generation that is more custom-made, industry-specific, more focused on quality than on quantity and less risky to failure. By understanding your unique requirements, we can create a program that generates sales leads with higher potential. By giving you only quality leads that pass your benchmarks, we increase your chances of closing new contracts.

Our unique blend of skilled agents, expertise and technology reduces complexities in bringing you in front of targeted prospects. We create a talent pipeline organized into industry-specific teams. Through this, we can optimize our specialized insight to better address your objectives. We utilize telemarketing and email marketing to quickly reach interested prospects, follow-up on them and schedule an appointment with you.

Our Lead Generation Services provide your business and its sales staff with:

  • Better market positioning
  • Lower cost per lead
  • Complete visibility into your campaign
  • Risk mitigation involved in marketing
  • Acceleration of your sales growth; and
  • Overhead reduction
Drop us an email today at to see how you can best optimize your Marketing budget by outsourcing your Sales Lead Generation activity to us.

How are We better than others?

  • We use great data: Our data experts will source and build an accurate list of key decision maker data for your campaign. Or if you prefer, we can work with your existing database.
  • We profile your prospects: Whether you’re talking to the Finance Director, CEO or PA we make sure we truly understand their problems and pain points before we pick up the phone. Our experience means we know exactly what’s important to each decision maker type and will tailor our pitch accordingly.
  • We prepare your approach: Our teams are experts in building quality lead generation campaign pitches. We work with you to ensure we are knowledgeable about your products and services and quickly become an extension of your internal sales team. From there, the script is being developed.
  • We make first contact: As well as expert telemarketing, we can also accelerate your campaign with targeted emails to kick start the activity. This helps warm up those prospects as well as generating hot leads straight away.
  • We identify requirements: We will only generate leads or book appointments with key decision makers who have a genuine interest or requirement. Full call recordings give you complete transparency and peace of mind.
  • We arrange a meeting: Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, a web demo or a telephone appointment, we’ll arrange everything for you and provide you with a quality and qualified sales opportunity.