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Inbound Telemarketing

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Inbound telemarketing allows you to walk away from your office, without thinking or worrying about your business… knowing that your calls are being answered promptly, professionally, and courteously. Inbound telemarketing streamlines your customer communication and sales process.

Inbound telemarketing provides your customers with the convenience of being able to do business with your company 24 hours a day. With inbound telemarketing, your sales and customer service departments are always open!

CALLMARK Solutions inbound telemarketing services are able to offer a comprehensive suite of services that we can configure to meet every customer care need. Whether you’re looking for an effective complement to your own services or a full-scale customer service solution, we can combine the services of our fully-equipped call centre, highly skilled agents, and intuitive CRM solutions to suit your requirements. Our ability to blend these services into a cohesive call centre solution provides our clients with a proven increase in sales, matched with a proven decrease in cost per call.

    • Customer Care: Our ability to provide the right people using the right technology at the perfect time allows us to generate a meaningful dialog with your customers. Our agents will not only have a clear understanding of your products and/or services, but they also possess a keen knowledge of human nature and customer interactions that enables them to deepen relationships, to capitalize on every transaction, to recognize and take every opportunity to effectively up-sell or cross-sell your products and services.
    • Customer Acquisition: Every sale represents more than a simple transaction; it’s a chance to either begin or continue to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Our comprehensive suite of inbound telemarketing services can be customized to fit both your company’s unique needs and the preferences of the type of customer you most want to attract, which allows you to capitalize on every call.
    • Up-sell/Cross-sell: At CALLMARK Solutions, we work with you to gather the extensive knowledge and expertise about your products and/services. Our intensive training about and subsequent deep knowledge of your products and/or services allows our specialists to make the most of every call; your inbound telemarketing services team will not only know which products and services complement each other, but they understand the art of up-selling and cross-selling.