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Database Profiling

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As direct marketing grows in sophistication, accurate marketing data has become absolutely critical. Use a high quality, profiled database with named contacts and individual opt-in email addresses and you will see dramatic improvements to the performance of any Direct Marketing campaign.

Research suggests that B2B data decays at approximately 30% per year; if your marketing database is just two years old, 60% of it is likely to be out of date. Two thirds of your direct marketing budget could be going to waste. This is a problem that we can solve quickly and competitively with our database profiling services.

Our database profiling cleansing vetting services ensure your data is evergreen, making your multichannel marketing efforts more effective. Parsing your current lists, we verify all records to check and detect:

  • Decision maker names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Other fields required for your marketing campaigns

Your client database is a key asset to your business; regular maintenance will retain its high value, reduce your marketing costs and ensure data protection compliance against mailing and telephone preference service.

Data auditing and cleansing should be an essential maintenance procedure for any organisation as data accuracy declines at an alarming rate.

Here at CALLMARK Solutions, we offer a full data profiling service, allowing you total confidence in the validity of your prospect’s database. Our service identifies duplicates, mortalities, name changes and gone aways, maximising the impact of your direct marketing campaign and providing your company with huge savings on postal expenditure to incorrect recipients or addresses.

Understanding and knowing who your customers are, their likes and dislikes, business history, and social-demographics is an important part of any business and will help you to develop marketing strategies which can target both repeat and new customers in the most cost effective and productive manner.

Our database profiling service includes sourcing of B2B database using directories, association membership lists, or third party data procurement. We then further profile the database using tele-validation model to validate existing information and adding additional fields of information as required by the customer.