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Database Cleansing

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Imagine this scenario – You have tons of data of potential customers and you are ready with the next direct marketing campaign. After you send promotional mailers to thousands of prospects, you realize that the database contains obsolete data!

Such mistakes can happen with any of your databases and can cost you losing business. This happens usually when your data or databases are not organized and updated regularly. Fortunately there are ways to avoid this from happening: Database cleansing services provides the answer for inaccuracies found in data and databases.

CALLMARK Solutions’ data cleansing services provides easy answers to keeping your data error-free and updated so that you can use it in your sales and other business campaigns.

Data cleansing, also referred to as data scrubbing, is the process used to locate and repair (remove or correct) bad or inaccurate records from your database. Data cleansing includes several sub-processes that includes the existence of inaccurate data, incomplete data, and/or irrelevant data. The data cleansing processes then modifies the data by deleting or removing the corrupt data.

Data cleansing ensures that your data is accurate, consistent and correctly formatted. In other words, the process of data cleansing gets your data ready to go to work for you. Cleaning up your database is probably not your favorite job, but it’s critical to maintaining the value of your marketing data. And with databases decaying at over 30% a year, you’ll need to keep on top of your records.

Five rewards of better data quality:

  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Increase response
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Improve accuracy

Data cleansing should be an essential maintenance procedure for any organisation as data accuracy declines at an alarming rate. Here at CALLMARK Solutions we offer a full data cleansing service, allowing you total confidence in the validity of your client database. Our service identifies duplicates, mortalities, name changes and gone aways, maximising the impact of your direct mail and providing your company with huge savings on postal expenditure to incorrect addresses.

People move, companies move, records are inaccurate or incomplete. We’ve seen it all and as data deteriorates, so do the results of using it.

If you give CALLMARK Solutions your marketing database, we will give it back to you cleaner and more accurate. It’s that simple.