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Database Building

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In order to get cracking with your sales figures, the first thing you need is a larger number of buyers. Finding them from a list of prospects, or a limited database, can be highly time-consuming and almost fruitless. To resolve such situations, we design data building procedures.

Data building is the foundation of outbound marketing. It is a process of gathering, collating and segmenting data according to protocols that facilitate the needs of a client.

CALLMARK Solutions offer a full database building service centred on your needs and requirements. We have been successfully developing databases for our clients for a number of years, and pride ourselves on understanding what you want to achieve and delivering on time and on budget.

We can either start a new database for you or add to your existing one. In either case we will spend some time with you identifying important areas on which your marketing strategy should focus. This will include certain industries, businesses in similar positions to those clients you already have and any new areas you might wish to develop. Once we have defined the areas of your database that need development you can choose how much time you want spent on this, this could be anything from one hour to one month.

The benefits of this service could be a fantastic boost to your marketing strategy. You will own your own database, unlike online services offering addresses for one-time use; this is yours to keep for future campaigns.

The financial rewards are great and instant; if you double the size of your database before sending out a newsletter then the cost of the newsletter per recipient is halved, this potentially offsets the cost of the database building immediately.

We all know that marketing campaigns live and die by the quality of their data. 40% of your business-to-business data expires every year, but Marketing Manager’s continue to waste their budgets by targeting out of date contacts. With the average tenure shortening year on year, this figure is set to continue to rise putting even more emphasis on continuous data enhancement.

A good, up-to-date, organised database is the cornerstone of any firm’s marketing campaign. They can be used to remind clients of your services, tell them about new ones and ensure they choose you for their next relevant project.

We combine our expertise in building and maintaining databases with that in telemarketing to provide you with the best possible foundation for sales and marketing activity.